In honor of Halloween, Zerque brings you Ray Villafane's amazingly detailed pumpkin carvings. While some people are happy with two triangles for eyes and a squiggly shape for the mouth, Villafane rests at nothing short of a masterpiece.

Villafane originally delved into the bizarre craft of pumpkin carving while teaching art to K-12 students in Bellaire, Michigan. After sweeping the Outrageous Pumpkins competition (twice!) on the Food Network’s Challenge Show, however, his hobby gained both popularity and profitability. With the help of a few other sculptors, he now runs Villafane Studios in Michigan and produces some of the most creative, spooky, and jaw-dropping pumpkins the world has ever seen.

Artwork and Photography by Ray Villafane @ Villafane Studios

Artwork and Photography by Ray Villafane @ Villafane Studios

Artwork and Photography by Ray Villafane @ Villafane Studios

Artwork and Photography by Ray Villafane @ Villafane Studios

source: Villafane Studios

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Montréal-based graphic designer and art director Julien Vallée makes incredibly detailed works of art from everyday materials such as paper, plastic, and wood. His work has been featured on many magazine covers as well as on the cover of the book Tangible from Die Gestalten Verlag.


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Designer Steve Kuhl fulfills every boy’s fantasy with this insanely cool pirate ship bedroom. The six-year-old occupant from Minnesota chose between a space ship, race car, castle, and pirate ship. Most of us would probably agree, he made an excellent decision.

The main feature of the room is the incredible floating pirate ship. Kuhl used 2x12 ribs to construct the hull of the ship, covering them with layers of 1/2 inch plywood to act as the planking. A bomb-proof blend of plaster and epoxy with integrated coloring was used simulate an old ship’s hull.

But that’s not all. The room is also decked out with a rope bridge that connects the pirate ship to the top of a jail cell, and a rope suspended from the ship’s hull provides drop-in access to the closet. There’s also a completely hidden spiral slide, that lets you travel downstairs in a more adventurous way. Kuhl Design Build website

source: Ulric Collette

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Blue, 1960

Suffering a fatal heart attack at the young age of 34, French artist Yves Klein was a leading member of Nouveau réalisme, a French artistic movement similar to American pop art that made extensive use of collage and assemblage techniques. For his monochrome painting series, Klein actually worked with a chemist to develop his own unique blue color, now called International Klein Blue.

Invitation card for the exhibition Propositions Monochromes, Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf, 1957

Blue Sponge Relief, 1958

Monochrome jaune sans titre (M 8), 1957

sources: dirty water, terminartors, all-art

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For his book titled The Art of Clean Up, Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli compulsively breaks down and organizes various scenes by their component parts. Whether the scene is naturally chaotic, such as a child playing with toys scattered in a sandbox, or seemingly normal, such as a branch from a pine tree, Wehrli rearranges every piece in an obsessively organized manner. The result is a comical yet extremely satisfying (at least to those with mild-severe OCD) break down of everyday life.

See Wehrli’s appearance on TED here

source: zilla online magazine

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My attempt to make a crafty paper heart for Valentine’s Day- it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. Sorry about the blurriness, I took the photos on my phone.

[See also: Sabeena Karnik]

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What better way to waste time than to conduct your own beatbox/a capella band?! Incredibox is the genius flash website that lets you do just that. Get ready to get funky with some wide-mouthed hazy-eyed musical dudes. (Available in English and French)


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A little bit cooler than magnetic nail polish, Dutch artist Jólan van der Wiel's Gravity Stool furniture is all magnetically made. By manipulating specially-developed magnetic plastic material with a magnet machine, Wiel produces “freakish and organic shapes” that also serve as usable furniture.

This video is worth watching:


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ventricle vessel

The ventricle is a hand blown sculptural vase designed by eva milinkovic referencing the organic beauty of the human heart. each piece is unique and available by custom order in sizes 10”, 16” and 22”

source: Tsunami Glass Works

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Wasted Youth, 2006

Through his incredible sculptural art, UK-based artist James Hopkins puts a refreshingly modern twist on some of the oldest artistic concepts such as balance and negative space. By transforming everyday objects in unexpected ways, Hopkins creates works of art that are both aesthetically pleasing and visually dynamic.

Shelf Life, 2006

The Last Chord, 2006

Spirit Level, 2005

Slammer, 2008

Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny, 2006

Beauty Spot, 2007


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